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3 Ways to Analyze Your Personal Spirituality

The word “analysis” comes from two Greek words, “ana” which means “throughout” and “lein” which means “to loosen”. When we analyze something then we loosen or separate its parts and look at them thoroughly.

There are 3 ways to analyze your personal spirituality, because basically your personal spirituality has three parts. These parts are its origin, it progress and its end or culmination.Get to know more about Wake Up Movies

I shall now teach you the 3 ways to analyze your spirituality. I will teach you how to analyze its origin, whether you have already begun the journey of your spirituality or not yet. Then I will teach you how to analyze its progress, whether you are progressing well in your spirituality or not. Thirdly I will teach you how to ascertain whether you have already attained its end or culmination or are near it.

If you want to know whether you have already begun your spiritual journey the question you need to ask is: Did a moment come in my life when I was thoroughly dissatisfied with it to the point that I wanted to abandon my life then and to live a completely new life?

If you have not yet experienced such a moment in your life you have not yet begun your spiritual journey. To all appearances you may be a good person but if you have not undergone an experience of total dissatisfaction with your life, you have not yet begun the first step in the quest for genuine spirituality. I want to give 2 examples of such an experience of total dissatisfaction with life. Of course I do not mean that you also experience these examples in the same way. What I want to emphasize is that a similar situation has occurred in your life.

The first example is that of Siddhartha Gautama, the founder of Buddhism. He lived in the 5th century before Christ in India. He was the son of King Suddhodana who wanted him to be his successor as king. But when Siddhartha was 29 years old, he left his palace to see his subjects. There among his subjects he saw an old man, a sick man, a decaying corpse, and an ascetic. The sights of these suffering human beings depressed him, and he got dissatisfied with his life, so totally dissatisfied that he quit his palace and lived the life of a beggar. That was Siddhartha’s beginning of his spiritual journey.

The second example I give you is that of Giovanni Francesco di Bernardone, the founder of the Franciscans. He lived in the 12th going to the 13th century. He was the son of a wealthy cloth merchant in Assisi, Italy, and he lived a carefree life of a wealthy man. But soon he was completely dissatisfied with his life renouncing even his father and his inheritance, even getting rid of the clothing his father had given him. He stood naked.

These are extreme cases of dissatisfaction with the present life. But such dissatisfaction must occur before you can begin your spiritual journey.

I cannot forget the words the preacher directed at me when this moment happened in my life. He told me, as though he addressed his words personally to me only, ‘Burn the bridges to your past life in such a way that even if you want to you can no longer return to it.’

If you have experienced this dissatisfaction with your life then you have begun your spiritual journey. If not, you have to wait until your searching for a better life leads you to this experience.

Now we go to the second analysis. Do you want to know whether you are progressing in your spiritual life? The way to do this is rather simple. Just ask yourself: Have I become more compassionate towards others, not just human beings, but even animals and plants and minerals.

We also notice that in the lives of the two persons we cited above they grew in compassion towards creation as they progressed in their spiritual life. The reason for this is because progressing in spiritual life is a progress towards the Creator and as we come nearer to him we begin to love more and more his creation.

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